How to Get Medical Treatment Abroad in 2024

Throughout 2023, the rates of Canadians travelling abroad for medical procedures has increased by as much as 14%. This may not seem like an incredible number but it accounts for roughly 14 million medical tourisms per year globally. With no signs of slowing down, going abroad for medical treatments is increasingly popular among Canadians. Everyone knows someone, who knows someone who has had a planned medical treatment abroad but before you commit, it is important to understand the process.

How to Get-Medical Treatment Abroad in 2024

How to Prepare For Medical Services Abroad

Planning: When travelling for medical care abroad, planning is key to a successful trip. More than choosing flights and travel days, patients should consult their primary care physicians, as well as the medical team and clinic that will be performing the procedure. Thorough research will provide insight into medical teams and facilities.

Consult With Your Insurance Provider: Medical tourism is becoming so popular that many health insurance providers are beginning to offer partial coverage of these expenses. Whether your insurance provider offers coverage or not, it is a good idea to purchase additional travel insurance that expressly allows for medical treatments in other countries.

Calculate Costs & Contingencies: The goal of many medical tourist is to seek more affordable care outside of their home country. Before booking an appointment it is important to take a full overview of all of the costs involved in leaving the home country for medical care, as well as returning home afterward. This might include everything from the cost of air travel, accommodations, recovery time afterward, meals, medication, the cost of any exchange rate in the destination country and more.

Prepare For Language Barriers: When seeking medical care in another country it is common that you will not speak the local language. Physicians, medical professionals and clinicians will often speak English but areas outside of clinics or hospitals could be difficult to navigate. It is always better to prepare for all possibilities.

Plan For Aftercare: On return to Canada, you will more than likely need follow-up care following procedures. It is important to plan ahead for the costs of any additional resources and closely monitor the treated area with a focus on infection control. It is also important to be well-versed in all possible risks associated with travelling following a medical procedure, such as blood clots.

Review Your Treatment & Results: Once you are back in your home country, it is important to book a consultation with your regular physician. This will help you to understand the results of any test or procedures that were done, as well as perform any other necessary testing or review.

Consult With a Reputable Medial Tourism Specialist

There are plenty of reasons that Canadians are choosing to seek health care abroad but no matter the reason, it is always important to be informed. Working alongside a reputable agency like Venture Surgical can help to prepare for your treatments at every stage. With a wide network of medical professionals, as well as top tools for planning and communication within these agencies, patients are always educated and informed.

In addition to connecting patients with specialists in other countries (or even provinces), the staff at Venture Surgical are able to provide virtual tours of facilities, facilitate meet and greets with physicals and provide key insights into how to budget and stay safe during your travel and treatment.

How to Get Medical Treatment Abroad in 2024