Medical Tourism Trends In 2023

With the rise of extended wait times, more and more Canadians are turning their attention elsewhere in search of quality medical care. As medical treatments and surgical procedures are becoming a more and more popular reason to travel, it is important to consider how patients will react in the coming year. After careful review and interviews, experts have compiled a list of coming trends within the field of medical tourism, designed to help patients achieve their health goals, both at home and abroad.

What to Expect From the Medical Tourism Industry in 2023

Just as medical travel was beginning to find its footing in 2019, the industry was faced with some of the most severe travel restrictions of the last century. With restrictions loosening and travel becoming more cost-effective and simple than it has been in the last several years, doors are opening for medical patients both nationally and abroad.

Slow Tourism: No, slow tourism does not refer to a walking tour. This term refers to tourism within the home country and not internationally. For residents within British Columbia, private medical care is not available within the province but can be accessed in another province. Domestic travel can be going from BC to Ontario in order to cut down on wait times for medical or surgical procedures.

Working Alongside Insurance Carriers: With the rise in popularity of medical tourism, insurance providers are taking notice. For years carriers have offered the option of travel insurance, but these policies refer to injuries or conditions sustained or exasperated while away. These prior policies did not apply to those seeking medical care abroad, but now more and more insurance providers are creating plans that account for medical travel as part of their extended coverage. For many Canadians, this will help to create a greater financial ability to seek necessary medical care beyond their own borders.

Incorporating Technology into Planning Processes: One of the biggest obstacles for many patients considering travelling for surgical procedures is the preconceived notion of foreign hospitals. Even with modern medical equipment and state of the art facilities, there is an expectation of culture shock. The medical tourism industry is working together with facilities to bring technology to the forefront of the booking process, using virtual reality and online meetings. With the advancement of new and accessible technologies, it is possible to meet your physician ahead of time and receive a virtual tour of the facilities. This means that patients are often able to tour recovery rooms, operating facilities and receive information about their procedures and expected recovery details from the practitioners and staff that are going to be performing them.

Far from being left to plan your own procedures and travel plans, there are more resources available to patients than ever before. There has never been a better time to take control of your health and wellness. Trusted resources and agencies like Venture Surgical are able to help facilitate surgical procedures abroad with a wide network of venues and experienced medical professionals.

Medical Tourism Trends In 2023