Private Medical Care

In some parts of the world, the Canadian health care system is praised, while in others, it is only half complete. For those individuals living in Canada, there is a lot left to be desired. Following a global pandemic, wait times for necessary procedures are longer than ever, while some medical innovations are being overlooked completely, in favour of more traditional methods. Instead of being caught in the past, or confined to a wait list, more and more Canadians are in favour of incorporating private health care practices.

Offering patients the ability to use their own resources to pay for medical treatments and procedures, allows Canadians to take their quality of life into their own hands, and can help to strengthen care within the public sector. As it stands, patients are forced to wait several weeks for an appointment with their family doctor, and months for necessary surgical procedures. Private clinics can help to alleviate these waits, while aiding in care management for those with chronic pain disorders or those in need of surgical solutions.

The Benefits of Private Medical Care

For many Canadians, personal health insurance is publicly funded, with a potential off-set from an employer. Even the best employer-based medical plan covers up to 80% of prescription drug coverage, vision care and dental coverage. This is a good start, but still leaves a wide margin for costs. This type of health coverage is great, but it does not help with surgical care, physiotherapy, and each of these comes with a long wait.

Reduced Wait Times: Over a long period, even a mild medical issue can become worse, having a negative impact on overall quality of life. The inability to access proper medical care can lead to reduced mobility for those with issues with arthritis, meaning daily tasks can’t always be completed in a timely manner – or at all. This can result in missed school or work days, impacting income and other aspects of life.

Private Medical Care

Personalized Care: On average, seeing a doctor in a hospital means that their attention is divided between yourself and several other patients. This means rushed care, the inability to convey exactly what the issues are and the possibility of a missed issue. Private hospitals, or health clinics, allow practitioners more time with their patients. A bit extra time can help patients to convey any and all health concerns and receive more personalized care and treatments.

Comfort & Convenience: Not everyone enjoys a hospital setting – in fact, it is wisest to avoid these spaces as much as possible. Time spent in a hospital means time spent in the vicinity of communicable diseases and potential contamination. Private medical care allows patients to receive care in a comfortable environment, whether it be in a clinic, or through the newly incorporated tool of telemedicine. This innovative treatment options is a key resource to those with mobility issues.

Wide-Range Coverage: Private health insurance plans often offer a wider range of coverage for policy holders. Private insurance can often also be tweaked to accommodate a more specific range of needs, focusing on a specific type of treatment. For example, if you are prone to dental issues, your preferred care policy might revolve around overall health and dental insurance, with an emphasis on vision, just to be inclusive.

Private Medical Care: More Options for Canadians

Part of what makes universal healthcare so appealing is the lack of cost associated with treatment, but this often results in longer wait times and the inability to receive necessary medical care. Canada has the highest/longest wait times of all high-income countries. Many other countries have found a way to balance public and private offerings, creating options, reducing wait times and alleviating strain on public systems.

More than an opposition to the established system, privatized options are just that – options. Private care is meant to act as a safety net for Canadians, who would otherwise not be able to access necessary resources.

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