Surgical Tourism: Seeking Procedures with Venture Surgical

For the past decade, medical tourism has been a popular talking point in the media. Far from being reserved for patients coming to Canada from developing countries, travelling for medical procedures is a popular option for patients worldwide. There is no question that a hospital is the best option when in need of emergency medical care but international travel is becoming a more realistic option for surgical procedures.

Across Canada, patients are experiencing long wait times for procedures including cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery. Some of the main reasons for long wait times are a lack of surgeons and healthcare workers with expertise in these areas, along with overbooked medical facilities. While facilities are trying to catch up, patients are living with restricted mobility, pain and an overall lower quality of life. Instead of spending weeks or even months waiting, patients are eager to seek medical care abroad and Venture Surgical is here to help.

Receiving Medical Care Abroad: Why Work With An Agency

There is no such thing as being too diligent when managing health care and this is particularly true when receiving medical care in another country. It is the responsibility for medical tourists to plan their travel, choose their clinic and physician, and plan for aftercare once they return home. The time surrounding a surgical procedure is extremely important both before and after. It is important to prepare yourself for travel, adhering to any advice from your physician and infection control should be a primary focus after surgery. Without technical knowledge, this can feel overwhelming but Venture Surgical can help to plan and organize the process for you.

Choose Your Destination: There is no one set destination for medical tourism but can vary based on the desired medical treatment. If a patients isn’t eager to leave their home country it may be as simple as seeking care in another province, while other options may include the United States and beyond. Venture Surgical weighs locations against leading physicians in the field to create recommendations.

Choose & Consult With Your Physician: Venture Surgical has a wide network of medical professionals in various locations across North America and beyond. Instead of relying on a basic internet search to connect you with a surgeon, trust the expertise of a medical tourism agency. Venture Surgical will connect you with medical professionals with degrees from accrediting organizations with proven track records of excellence in their field. In order to ensure that patients are comfortable they have the option of taking virtual tours of the facility as well as meetings with physicians, surgeons and medical staff.

Understanding Cost: Unlike planning a vacation, planning ahead for a surgical procedures comes with unexpected additional costs. Consulting with an agency can help to shed light on some of the expenses that might not have factored into your initial budget. In the same way that a consultation can help to create your budget, it can also help to understand the different avenues that might help to cover your costs, namely health insurance. More and more insurance providers are offering some level of coverage for medical tourism.

Before you commit to travelling for an operation, it is always best to consult with an agency to connect you with the appropriate medical team, facilities and providers.

Venture Surgical: Specializing in Mobility

Just like any physician has a speciality, so does Venture Surgical. While an agency is able to create a plan for most medical treatments Venture Surgical has a particular fondness for connecting patients with experts in mobility with a focus on cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery.

Issues with the spine or back are common in many Canadians, often progressing with age. A lack of mobility does not only take away from day to day activity, It reduces overall quality of life. Exposure to pain over prolonged periods takes a serious toll on both physical and mental health. In order to combat pain and worsening of a condition there are options for fusion, decompression and even replacements.

With a growing need for these procedures more and more facilities are opening their doors to patients from Canada. It is important to note that emergency care is best sought out quickly with your local physician or hospital.

Surgical Tourism: Seeking Procedures with Venture Surgical