The Most Common Medical Tourism Procedures

Over the past few years medical tourism has become a common household topic but it has been around a lot longer than that! The idea of travelling for health reasons has been around for thousands of years. Romans travelled hundreds of miles to soak in mineral waters. Since then, we’ve upgraded to medical and surgical procedures.

There are plenty of reasons that patients choose to travel to another country to seek medical care abroad. Some of these might include cosmetic procedures, necessary surgeries or treatments that are not available at home. The most popular procedures are spread out through several categories.

Medical Tourism Procedures

Common Procedures For Medical Tourists

Globally, no health care system is perfect. Some countries, like Canada, struggle with extensive wait times. Health care in the United States can be very expensive for patients. Seeking out medical care abroad can be beneficial in more than one way.

Patients often travel to combat long wait times and the high cost of medical care. Even with health insurance, medical procedures and treatments are not often covered completely and do come with a cost.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of procedures that make international travel so appealing:

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures can help to boost confidence but are not covered by health insurance. Also known as plastic surgery, these elective procedures can range from rhinoplasty, breast implants, tummy tucks and more. The cost of these procedures is lower in developing countries. With advancements in technology and access to education, patients receive a higher level of care than ever before. Columbia and Thailand are popular destinations for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Cancer Treatments

It is common for cancer patients to travel abroad both for treatments or second opinions. Certain hospitals and medical professionals have reputations for being leaders in the treatment and care of various cancer types. Medical tourism makes it possible for patients to seek out newer or more experimental treatments. Travelling abroad avoids prolonged wait times in overcrowded facilities.

Dental Care

For those Canadians without dental coverage even simple procedures can be very expensive. Proper dental care improves the look of your smile but is also important to the overall health and wellness of a patient. A dental infection can quickly spread, leading to serious and unexpected health complications. High costs can prevent patients from seeking dental care in a timely way. Prolonged waiting periods will increase the risk of infections and complications. Popular dental procedures to seek abroad include root canals, veneers and dental implants.

Fertility Treatments

For patients struggling with fertility issues travelling abroad makes reproductive treatments accessible. There have been huge advancements in fertility treatments on a global scale, creating international hot spots for reproductive medicine. Medical tourism is a way to combat long waiting lists and high costs of IVF treatments and implantations.


The waiting list for transplants is notoriously long. Even with a familial match, recipients and donors are often left waiting long periods for the operation itself. Being willing to travel for a transplant widens the scope of possible donors. Travelling can also connect patients with an available medical facility or physician with a much shorter wait time.


Cardiac surgery is an increasingly popular goal of medical tourism. Long wait times are enough to cause patients to pack their bags but technological advancements are also attractive. Traditional methods of cardiac care and surgery are invasive, leave scarring and often require a long period of rehabilitation. Certain countries offer advanced treatments that are less invasive, depending on condition.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Despite being classified as elective an orthopaedic surgery can make a huge improvement to overall quality of life. Living in constant pain will have a negative impact on mobility and mental health. Being physically unable to work can leave patients struggling economically and unable to participate in hobbies, family activities or even day to day life. Prolonged wait times can lead to serious emotional distress and a worsening of condition. With extensive wait times in Canada, more and more patients are choosing to travel for orthopaedic procedures. Common surgical procedures include spinal fusion, or knee and hip replacements.

Scheduling medical treatment outside of a home country is not as simple as boarding a plane and booking a quick hospital stay before you return home. Organizing a trip based around medical tourism means researching physicians, clinics, countries and available treatments.

Seeking Medical Care Abroad: Working With An Agency

Medical care abroad was seen as a last resort for patients stuck on extensive wait lists or unable to afford elective treatments. Now, medical tourism is a thriving issue and an increasingly common way to get necessary care. Before committing to a travel or treatment plan it is a good idea to consult with an experienced agency.

Working with an established agency that specializes in medical tourism means access to reliable networks, as well as insight into what goes into treatments, recovery and more. When working with Venture Surgical, patients are paired with a medical specialist that is able to provide necessary orthopaedic surgeries like cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery.

Canadians, American and residents of the UK account for a large portion of the medical tourism base. Medical tourism companies in Canada have a ton of experience in organizing travel and procedures, as well as access to a network of medical specialists around the world. This means being able to connect patients with state of the art facilities and medical professionals with extensive training and degrees.

If you are looking to expedite your medical care, seek specialized treatments, avoid the costs of elective procedures or want to convalesce in a tropical environment, medical tourism makes these goals a reality.

The Most Common Medical Tourism Procedures