What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

There is a big difference between the average vacation and medical tourism. On one hand you are looking to experience fun and sun and the other is a means to get necessary medical procedures or treatments. Many Canadians choose to call travel agents when booking a trip but don’t often think to work with a medical tourism facilitator when choosing their physician abroad. These experts create safe and easy pathways for patients to seek treatment outside of their home country.

What Does a Medical Travel Facilitator Do?

If you were going to sum it up simply, medical tourism facilitators aren’t really that different from travel agents — highly specialized travel agents. Instead of connecting clients with high-end hotels, these experts connect patients with high-end clinics and facilities, as well as reputable, experienced and specialized medical professionals.

Receiving medical care abroad isn’t just about the procedure itself, it is everything before, during and afterward. For example, anyone can book a plane ticket but have you considered the need for pre-op preparations? Nothing would be worse than spending time and money organizing medical care abroad only to arrive without enough time to take the proper precautions. This can mean having to reschedule and start the whole process over again from scratch.

Working with a medical tourism facilitator ensures that all plans and considerations are made ahead of time so you can prepare, rest and recover. Facilitators are highly trained to help patients navigate seeking health care abroad safely. With a deep understanding of treatments and procedures, a medical tourism facilitator will offer up insight into how long you should expect to be away, what additional recovery will be needed following a surgery and every step of the travel planning.

In addition to the logistics of travel, a medical tourism expert will help to connect patients with the appropriate healthcare providers. Working with a trained professional will help to mitigate some of the more common risks of seeking healthcare in a foreign country. This includes choosing the right medical care team.

Destination Selection: Certain countries are known for speciality medical practices. Discussing your needs with a medical tourism facilitator can help to narrow down the best place for you to go.

Choose Your Physician & Medical Team: Medical tourism agencies have a vast network of physicians, specialists and clinics. This means being able to connect patients with the right type of care in a reasonable timeframe. A referral means you are being cared for by a reputable physician that has been vetted and reviewed.

Navigate Foreign Healthcare Agencies: Travelling for medical care can mean skipping over to another province or flying across the globe. For anyone seeking care outside of their home country, it means having to deal with healthcare systems that are much different from your own. Professionals will work with you to navigate these different systems, as well as options for available travel insurance and coverage.

Venture Surgical: Helping Patients Navigate Their Medical Travel Needs

If you’ve ever had to wait for a surgery, scan or visit with a medical specialist, you understand how frustrating the process can be. While you are waiting weeks, months or even years for treatment, your issues are becoming worse. This applies to physical condition and mobility, as well as mental health. These problems can snowball and before you know it, your work and social life are suffering. This is why patients choose to not wait.

When you find yourself needing to organize a trip for your medical care, don’t hesitate to call Venture Surgical.

What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?